Snowplains Meet, Cambridge, 28 February - 2 March, 1997

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A smaller number of spods, about 25 in all, turned up to Cambridge in February to extend their social skills beyond the computer screen.

Friday afternoon

First in the pub were Berry, Middleman, and Firedrake. Gradually the spods trickled in and trickled out again for food, and trickled back in. Then, the customary mile walk back to where everyone lives, and the customary moaning on the way about how far it is.


We met up in town on the corner of the Market Square. Laser Quest was booked for later that afternoon, so there was time for everyone to filter off and get lunch and do a bit of shopping. Then all the spods met up again later for LaserQuest, while Berry went off to organise the dinner. Dinner had been provided by a friend of Berry and Rillaith's called Jo, who they had 'bought' at a charity slave auction to cook a meal for the spods. She did us proud with a huge chinese banquet including rice, special noodles, egg fried rice, char sui, vegetable stir fry, and something else meaty I don't remember now. It was all wonderful anyway and even a gaggle of hungry spods failed to polish off the lot. There was also strudel and chocolate gateaux for afters, and wine to wash it all down. Spods, unable to move, stayed in Churchill and played Twister and talked and drank the evening away, helped by trips to the college bar to secure more alcohol. Eventually, those sleeping elsewhere staggered back.


We met up at Churchill to go for Sunday lunch. So's not to frighten the pub landlords of Cambridge too much, we decided it was best to split up and go in smaller groups to several different pubs for lunch. After refuelling, we all wandered down into town to go punting in the afternoon. The weather was reasonably warm, and punts were spending their second day of the season on the river, and much enjoyment was had, despite the ice cream kiosk at the far end of the punt trip being closed. After all this, the spods who didn't have to leave headed back to Churchill again to munch on the left-over food. After more munching, more drinking, and a bit of spodding, even the die-hard meet-ers headed off to bed. point during the meet this time!


Photos from this meet are available on the FTP site, in directory pub/snowplains/pictures/meets/camfeb97/.


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