/ Snowplains Meet, Cambridge, 14-16 June 1996

Snowplains 1st Big Meet, Cambridge, 14-16 June 1996

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Piccies of Spods outside St. John's College. Piccie of spods in Churchill College bar.
The first huge, real, live, actual Snowplains Meet took place in Cambridge on the 14-16th June 1996. A grand total of (at least) 40 spods turned up : Berry, Bongo, Cunning, Deathstroke, Dilch, Ecology, Eldritch, Gangsta, Gink, Goldfish, Gushie, HalfWit, hatter, Illiane, Irish, Jarel, Jaq, Kaotix, Linden, Malus, Middleman, Molt, MushyPea, Narenek, Omen, Pantling, Phobie, Pling, Raiden, Rillaith, Santo, Soma, Static, Tim, tND, Torea, Trigger, Trouble, Wabbit, and Webfoot.

Friday Evening

Nearly everyone turned up on Friday evening, which was spent in the Fountain Inn. The admin, of course, had to be there to meet people fom early afternoon onwards (shame *HIC*) but the majority of the spods arrived later.. We collected a Random Old Spod at some point during the evening, who was originally ignored, but as the alcohol flowed more throughout the evening, was chatted to, at, and up by various of the real spods! The grand total of handcuffs and thumbcuffs and sundry and various other items of "interest" were worked out at several points during the evening, before retiring to Churchill College where we sat around for all too long on the Dining Hall Landing waiting for the remainder of the group to find us.. and fail!


Once everyone managed to drag themselves out of bed *groan* we met up for lunch in the largest beer garden in Europe (apparently) which is really just a large field by the river, outside a pub called The Mill. The last few remaining spods were found here and there (with the noticeable exception of Gink who managed to miss a group of 20 spods heading off to lunch!), and then, with glorious weather on our side, we split into two groups.. Most of us went off to go laserquesting, while a smaller group went punting along the Backs. Laserquest being full, the large group splintered up into lots of smaller groups, meeting up in the evening to finally get a game! HalfWit at this point was conned, erm, convinced, encouraged, cajoled, bribed, tortured...? Anyway, whatever.... HalfWit reappeared sporting a very artistic Tiger face!

After running around like a group of mad lunatics (OK, so maybe we are a group of mad lunatics, but that's beside the point!) for an hour or two, we staggered off back to Churchill to meet up with everyone who had been punting and Trouble and Trigger who joined us then, and most importantly, to recover over a couple (of barrels) of drinks at the bar, before retiring for the evening..


We said an all too early fairwell to Illiane and tND in the morning, and everyone else drifted off at various points later in the day. Everyone who was feeling energetic (which was a surprisingly large number) went on a long day punting to Grantchester, while the remainder of the spods slept in later and went punting along the backs for an hour or two. We were blessed with glorious weather, and the group who came back from Grantchester looked less like a group of spods than a group comprised of lobsters and health freaks! Scary, or what? Sunburnt Spods!

Again, we retired to Churchill bar later in the afternoon to compare notes, and swap stories, and to rub soothing lotions into well-burnt skin!


Some pictures are available on the FTP site in directory pictures/meets/camjun96/. If anyone has any photos from the meet, or wants to contribute more to the tale, feel free to let us know.. Similarly, if you have photos on your own site, and want a link from here to there, just drop us a line!


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