Snowplains Meet, Huddersfield, 30 January - 1 February, 1998

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Meet Information

The meet will take place over the w/e beginning the 30th January and continue until the 1st Febuary.

Plans for the Weekend


Meet up in a lovely establishment (a pub) and get to know one another or re-acquaint yourselves with each other ;)


There are a number of options that are on offer, if you would like to go Go-Carting, then it would be better if you told us sooner rather than later ;) (as we have to pre-book the facilities).

Saturday night will again be spent in a few establishments (although we will probably find a nice one and stay there ;) ).


Sunday lunch (optional) and unfortunately say good-bye to our new found friends.


Before deciding on accomodation, we need to be sure of the numbers, therefore the deadline for accomodation is 23rd January. Sorry about this, but we want to make sure that everyone is comfortably looked after ;)

At present - free accomodation is a floor space - sorry ! Huddersfield does offer B&B's but - they will have to be paid for etc...

Who to contact

If you're interested in coming, please mail either TheBabe, Daine or Smurf.
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