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Time OnRankNameIdle Time
9m 8sRoyalphlEbas deviates to contemplate 8m 57s
4h 1mZen Cancel 1st world Debt 0s
4h 38mylla is further north than the oops 2h 52m
Chilly!VanCheese the master of the plank! 4h 34m
Frozen!Mercury is STAYING ALERT to control the virus 7h 28m
Frozen!moopet , 0 of whom seem to be awake 9h 33m
Frozen!Vega 41m 59s
Frozen!enyc is new to the Snowplains. 4m 29s
Frozen!RoyalNarenek : The Spod of Crowthorne. 6m 2s
Frozen!EmperorJarel (and Pling) and Ellie 9m 7s
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