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Time OnRankNameIdle Time
45m 3sZen Cancel 1st world Debt 28m 44s
2h 40mRoyalThorin - International Helper Monkey 2h 40m
4h 14mRoyalphlEbas deviates to contemplate 27m 14s
Chilly!Vega 52m 27s
Chilly!FrIdGe has lost on of his best friends 7h 36m
Chilly!VanCheese the master of the plank! 2h 38m
Frozen!Mercury 27m 49s
Frozen!RoyalNarenek : The Spod of Crowthorne. 9h 30m
Frozen!moopet , 0 of whom seem to be awake 2h 2m
Frozen!EmperorJarel (and Pling) and Ellie 20m 8s
Frozen!enyc is new to the Snowplains. 4h 13m
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