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Time OnRankNameIdle Time
1h 34mylla is further north than the oops 3m 15s
2h 17mVanCheese the master of the plank! 1h 42m
3h 12mMercury 35m 27s
4h 35mZen Cancel 1st world Debt 1m 22s
5h 37mKingmaRble hesitates to elucidate 2h 30m
Frozen!KingPling (and Jarel) and a molotov cocktail! 1h 16m
Frozen!enyc is new to the Snowplains. 1h 49m
Frozen!RoyalNarenek : The Spod of Crowthorne. 4h 23m
Frozen!EmperorJarel (and Pling) and Ellie 52m 35s
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