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About Snowplains

Snowplains is a talker based on EW-too by Simon Marsh. It's a place to log on to and chat with others from all over the world; all you need is a telnet program. There's much more to it than that, but that's the basic point - just select the Connect to Snowplains link and that's it! It's been (and is still being) extensively modified by the Admin to improve its friendliness and facilities, and any comments on the talker or this page will be appreciated and have a good chance of being acted up on.

The theme of the talker (or MUG or MUSH or whatever you wish to call it, but it's not really a MUD) is, erm, a snowplain. The guides, superusers and admin are all penguins of varying sorts (Chocolate, Royal and King/Emperor as appropriate).

Connecting to Snowplains

You should be able to find out who is on the talker without logging on!

You can connect to Snowplains by using telnet and logging on to 3456 or by using the Java telnet application here.

Alternatively, existing residents can log in through the web. You'll need a minimum of Netscape 3 or Internet Explorer 4.

Character name:

Also, you can use the links below to find out about users of the talker, if they've chosen to make information available:



Email us!

We're very happy to get your comments/suggestions on anything at all. We're more likely to be able to do something about them if they're related to Snowplains in some way though. Email them to

Spodded out on Snowplains?

If the excitement of the Snowplains is just too much for you, you could always try another talker from a talker list.

Credit where credit is due

Our thanks and appreciation to everyone who has helped Snowplains become what it is today.

Website credits:

  • Berry, for putting the website together originally and irregular updates, and the auto-generated residents list..
  • Jarel, for the auto-generated weekly spods chart, and updates.
  • Rillaith, for maintaining the FTP site and updates to the website.
  • Bruce, for the graphics used on this website.
  • Wakko, for the original Builder's Manual.

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